Areas of Practice

Leadership Development

With over 20 years of experience in leadership development, the A4RC Group (ARC) provides hands on assessment of current leadership practices, while offering different perspectives on how to cultivate leadership skills.  ARC never stops learning so that clients will never stop achieving. ARC uses experience, passion and precision to understand how to elicit top-notch performance from clients.  ARC provides solutions and accountability to help take the organization to the next level.  


Performance Measurement and Improvement

Simply put, performance measurement is the regular collection of data to assess whether the correct processes are being implemented and desired results are being achieved. The ARC Group helps clients improve their systematic processes by consistently tracking and applying data for the purpose of optimizing efficiency and effectiveness. Thus, increasing the amount of performance data used for strategic decision-making.

Culture Shifting

ARC’s solution-based consultation is rooted in shifting perspectives to see the organization from a different angle.  With a 360-degree evaluation, ARC offers an opportunity to adjust language, expectations and rewards to reflect the organization’s core values more accurately.  From justifying a more performance-based metric, to ideating relationship-based staff and client interaction, the ARC Group provides foresight on how to cultivate the ideal culture for financial and holistic growth.

Budgeting and Development


ARC assists clients to understand the process of allocating resources based on their prioritized needs. A budget represents the legal authority to spend money, which implies that decisions have to be made by a governing board and administrators that culminates in matching resources with the organization’s needs. As such, the budget is a product of the planning process that links financial accountability to the goals and objectives of the organization. With over a decade of experience with fund development, ARC uses its expertise in grant writing and fundraising to inform clients’ development plan.

Budgeting and Development

When considering diversity and inclusion strategies for an organization, evaluating an organization’s cultural competence is pivotal to expanding its brand and market.  Employees sense when their employers are invested in their career and success.  The ARC Group helps organizations properly cultivate an inclusive environment for employees and stakeholders.  Mentoring and staff retreats are not the only way to go.

Human Resource Management

Human capital is often seen as the most important resource of any organization. If that is true, having an effective formalized system for managing people within an organization is vital. Human resource management falls primarily into three main areas: staffing, compensation and benefit, and workflow. ARC supports clients as they maximize the productivity of their organization by optimizing employee effectiveness

“Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

— James Baldwin